Cannabis Cheri: RYOT’s Snapper Smoking Kit; Infused Peach Cobbler 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!  

Happy summer solstice!  I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer.  This issue I have a review of a new product that will help you take your cannabis along wherever you roam this summer (or any season for that matter), and an amazing recipe for yummy infused peach cobbler!

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Weed fixes everything!  Well…at least it fixes most everything!  Show your stoner style in this whimsical shirt that have people nodding in agreement.  Makes a great Father's Day Gift!

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Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
RYOT Snapper and Keychain Keepers portable smoking kits for cannabis, plus Cannabis Cheri Sicard

Here are two great Stoner Stocking stuffers (yes I think forward on such things) - in other words inexpensive yet useful gifts for yourself or the cannabis lover in your life. RYOT's Snapper portable smoking kit is an improvement over their original Keychain Keepers, smell proof and waterproof containers to take small amounts of weed on the go.

Get details about these products in my review post.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
eat your weed
Cannabis Peach Cobbler recipe

Here is an easy to make edibles recipe that everyone will love. If you make cannabis peach cobbler during summer, you can take advantage of fresh, juicy, in season peaches.  But honestly you can make it year round by substituting frozen peaches instead.

I like this cannabis cobbler best when served warm out of the oven with vanilla ice cream.  But it’s not bad at room temperature either.  With or without ice cream.

Get the Infused Peach Cobbler recipe here.

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