Cannabis Cheri: Smellproof Backpack; Lemon Curd and Keto Lemon Curd 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

This week I have a review for those who travel and take along weed -- a giant smellproof backpack!  Also I LOVE lemons, don't you?  This weeks versatile recipes, in regular and sugar-free versions, make for lots of delicious infused lemon flavor.


This shirt never fails to get laughs and nods any time I wear it!

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Cannabis Travel
RYOT Dry + Smell Proof Backpack

This bag is enormous and could potentially transport pounds and pounds of weed, if that is your purpose.  I don't use it for that.  But I do use it to pack for weekend trips or camping trips. I keep cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia in the carbon lined inner bag, and pack clothes and toiletries in the rest of the bag.  Good to go and all in one piece of luggage!

Learn more about the odor proof luggage here (includes coupon code).

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
eat your weed
Cannabis Lemon Curd Recipe

Cannabis Lemon Curd is destined to become your new favorite edible.  That's because it is super quick and easy to make.  You can freeze some for longer storage.  It's delicious.  And if all that were not enough, you can use it to make almost instant lemon edibles of all kinds!

Jars of cannabis lemon curd make lovely DIY gifts for the edibles lovers in your life.  Put a bow on a jar of festive yellow lemon curd and you have a beautiful looking gift too.

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