Cannabis Cheri: Traveling with Cannabis; 420 Strawberry Shortcake 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

We have had a number of cannabis travel questions lately.  Answered here.  I also share one of my favorite dessert recipes, cannabis infused strawberry shortcake.

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The photo below was taken at Planet 13, the World's Largest Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas.  Video and story coming soon.

Planet 13 the world's largest marijuana dispensary
Cannabis Travel

Summer travel season is upon us.  In fact, some of us have already hit the road.  And judging from the cannabis travel questions I have been getting, others are planning to.  

Can I fly with Edibles?

can I fly with edibles

Dear Cheri,

Can I fly with edibles?  I mean legally speaking.  I know I physically can.

Get the answer about flying with edibles here.

How to travel with a bong

Can you travel with a bong?  Sure you can, but the better question would be should you travel with a bong?

Traveling with a bong can be a big hassle, from the standpoints of both practicalities and legalities. It’s not that traveling with a bong is illegal, per se.  It isn’t.  But like many topics connected to cannabis, it gets complicated.  Especially when it comes to the law.

More details about traveling with bongs.

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eat your weed

Cannabis Strawberry Shortcake

Cannabis Strawberry Shortcakes recipe photo

What could be better than everyone’s favorite summer dessert made with a little help from Mary Jane?

I love this weed strawberry shortcake recipe because they it's not too sweet, but it perfectly offsets the ripe delicious strawberries.  Top it all off with real whipped cream and you’ll understand why this dish is such a classic.

For best results, start with butter and cannabis infused butter that is VERY cold.  Place in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you start making the recipe.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the basic recipe.  Think of it in the broader terms fo Weed Fruit Shortcakes!  Likewise, these shortcakes are also terrific topped with other types of berries too.  And don’t forget peach shortcakes when stone fruits come into season.  You could even use apple pie filling for a cannabis infused apple shortcake.  Your imagination is the limit.

Get the Cannabis Infused Strawberry Shortcake recipe.

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