Cannabis Cheri: Does Freezing Increase Potency? Cannabis Guacamole 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

Today I answer a You Tube viewer's question about freezing cannabutter and potency.  Plus I share one of my new favorite edibles, Infused Guacamole deluxe.  Read on!

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Does Freezing Cannabutter Increase Potency?

will freezing cannabutter make it more potent?

A YouTube viewer heard a rumor that freezing cannabutter makes it more potent and wants to know if it is true. 

Spoiler alert!

That is indeed a rumor and not at all true. But, this video goes into why you might want to freeze your cannabutter anyway.
Watch the short video.

Learn more about freezing cannabutter, cannaoil, and prepared edibles at this link.

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eat your weed

Cannabis Guacamole Deluxe

Cannabis Guacamole

In order to evenly distribute the cannabis in the avocado, mash this dip a bit more than you might when making a non-medicated guacamole.  I included a lot of extra ingredients for flavor in this "deluxe" cannabis guacamole recipe.  They also help hide the flavor of the cannabis. For the best cannabis guacamole, look for ripe avocados that are soft to the touch, but not mushy.

Serve as a dip with chips or as an addition to tacos, burritos or quesadillas.  It even makes a terrific cannabis-infused sandwich spread.  

For a double edibles dose, serve this Cannabis Guacamole with weed infused "Baked" Tortilla Chips.  For a lighter dose, serve the cannabis guacamole with regular tortilla chips.

For more good accompaniments to cannabis guacamole check out my recipes for Easy Cannabis Pantry Salsa and Marijuana Mango Salsa.

Get the Cannabis Guacamole Deluxe recipe.

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