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The Week in Weed - Marijuana NewsThis Week’s Marijuana news Round-Up: 25 States Now Call Marijuana Medicine, Why Doesn’t the DEA?; Illinois Denies 1st Amendment Rights to medical Marijuana Businesses; How Cannabis Made Out in CA’s Tuesday’s Primary; Marijuana Lifer Weldon Angelos is Free Thanks to a Prosecutor; Eugene Monroe – Advocating for Medical Marijuana in the NFL; Ohio “Legalizes” Medical Marijuana; “Marijuana” Isn’t Racist; Jesse Ventura: If Pot is Legal, Then Why the Absurd Restrictions?; and more.

Legal/Political Marijuana News

25 States Now Call marijuana Medicine, Why Doesn’t the DEA? –This year has been a symbolically significant year for medical marijuana policy: with the passage of legislation in Pennsylvania and Ohio nearly 175 million Americans — over half of the population — now have access to medical marijuana.  These changes are putting pressure on the federal government to update a decades-old marijuana policy that most experts agree is out of step with current scientific understanding of the drug and its risks and benefits.

Marijuana Prisoners: Weldon Angelos is serving a sentence of 55 years, de-facto Life for Pot

Former marijuana lifer Weldon Angelos, now free

Marijuana Lifer Weldon Angelos is Free Thanks to a Prosecutor Not a President — Weldon Angelos, the Utah record producer who received a mandatory minimum sentence of 55 years for three pot deals that totaled a pound and a half, was quietly freed last week, 35 years before his estimated release date. Angelos was not one of the 42 federal prisoners whose sentences President Obama commuted on Friday, although his clemency petition had attracted support from many prominent legal, political, and literary figures, including the judge who sentenced him.

Jesse Ventura: If Pot is Legal, Then Why the Absurd Restrictions? —  Ohio’s recent “legalization” of medical marijuana is by far the most pathetic I’ve seen thus far. Ohio’s House Bill 523 (which was passed on May 26), only legalizes non-smokeable marijuana. And, when it comes to drug tests at work, medical marijuana patients have no protection.  Hypothetically, as an approved medical marijuana patient in Ohio, I can take a medication that can drastically help my condition and then lose my job, or I can go on suffering and keep my job and therefore be able to support my family. See how House Bill 523 doesn’t actually legalize anything?

“Marijuana” Isn’t Racist — It’s not a problem that people are being sensitive to perceptions of racism. That’s a good thing — as long as the movement and the outcomes are just. But the word war against marijuana is so unnecessary, so misguided and such a waste of effort that it’s frustrating to behold.

Marijuana News State-by-State

How Cannabis Made Out in CA’s Tuesday’s Primary — They say “all politics is local,” and local marijuana battles proved mixed in California during the primary election Tuesday.

Illinois Denies 1st Amendment Rights to medical Marijuana Businesses — The state of Illinois launched a medical marijuana program at the beginning of 2014. So it is now legal to be involved in the business of distributing medical marijuana.  At the same time Illinois made it illegal for businesses in that industry to donate to political campaigns in the state, or for candidates to accept such money, either directly or via a Political Action Committee. One legislator involved in passing the law admitted this absurdly intrusive and First Amendment-violating rule was just to “appease ‘conservative’ and ‘hesitant’ colleagues.”

Michigan Governor Kills Legalization Proposal — People organizing petition drives for ballot proposals will have to adhere to a strict 180-day window to gather signatures under a bill that was signed into law Tuesday by Governor Rick Snyder. The law signals the final blow to petition drives that would have banned fracking and legalized marijuana in the state. Both groups had worked to gather the signatures — and in the case of the marijuana ballot, had gathered more than enough signatures, but not in a 180-day window.

Nevada Paper Changes Stance on Legalization After Adelson Purchase — A conservative billionaire has succeeded in pressuring an influential Nevada newspaper to reverse its longtime support for legalizing marijuana — by buying it and then sending its editorial writers to visit a drug treatment facility.

Ohio “Legalizes” Medical Marijuana — It’s incredibly and disappointing restrictive, but officially, Ohio is now a legal medical marijuana state.

Sports Marijuana News

Eugene Monroe, marijuana news

Photo: Baltimore Ravens

Eugene Monroe – Advocating for Medical Marijuana in the NFL — Eugene Monroe made up his mind, his conviction steeled by obsessive research. He would advocate publicly for medical marijuana use in the NFL. He knew he would create consternation inside a powerful, conservative institution. He understood it might jeopardize his career as a Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman. And the first skeptic he faced was his wife, Nureya.

Marijuana Lifestyle News

How to Talk to Your Parents (or Grandparents) About Medial Marijuana — Medical marijuana is tailor-made for the ailments of advancing years. Chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, glaucoma, depression, appetite loss and so many other debilitating ailments of the elderly are effectively and safely treated by cannabis. Do you have parents (or grandparents) who exhibit one or more of these symptoms of advancing years? Do they use cannabis? If the answer is, “No, they do not,” you need to speak with them about using medical marijuana.

Marijuana Recipes - Corn and Black Bean SaladMarijuana Recipes: Corn and Black Bean Salad — Serve this colorful healthy medicated salad with any meal that features Latin flavors.


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