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Want Healthcare Reform? Start with Cannabis: An RN’s Perspective

medical marijuana and health costs
Guest Post by Lanny Swerdlow

Returning cannabis to our nation’s medicine cabinets would have a significant effect on both improving our nation’s health and reducing the cost of providing health care. It can do that by preventing the development of illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, maintaining good health by aiding sleep and stimulating appetite and enhancing healthier lifestyles by reducing stress, enlivening exercise and facilitating socialization.

Cannabis can also reduce the costs of providing those services. The ability of cannabis to just make a person feel better is legendary. Although helping a person feel better is good in any situation, it’s especially helpful in a hospital setting where nurses provide therapeutic treatments to their patients. A patient who is feeling better responds much more positively to treatments, and by responding positively they will get better quicker and out of the hospital sooner.
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Marijuana Recipes: Cannabis Snickerdoodles

Cannabis Cookies: Marijuana SNickerdoodles

The small Pennsylvania Dutch cookies with the funny name are deceptively simple. It’s only cinnamon and sugar that gives them their terrific flavor. Because of this simplicity, I prefer to make the medicated version of this cookie with kief. I find the finished cookie tastes better, as the somewhat nutty flavor of the kief blends better than the more common herbal undertones of cannabis-infused butter.
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Be sure to decarboxylate your kief first.  Learn how, along with more tips for cooking with kief and hash at this link.

Making kief with dry ice is super quick and easy.  This page has a 2-minute video that shows you how.


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