The Week in Weed 3-31-17 Marijuana News Round-Up


The Week in Weed - Marijuana NewsThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up: Canada Will Legalize Marijuana in 2018; How Medical Marijuana Could Help End the Opiod Epidemic; Johns Hopkins Abandons Marijuana PTSD Study; The Great Marijuana Rehab Scam; DEA Says Fentanyl Company’s Synthetic Weed is Less Dangerous That the Real Thing; Marijuana Lifer Jimmy Romans Speaks Out; Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Attorney General’s Pot Ballot Rewrite; and more.

Medical/Health Marijuana News

marijuana newsJohns Hopkins Abandons Marijuana PTSD Study — Controversy over the poor quality and low potency of US government-grown cannabis has apparently caused one of the nation’s leading research universities to pull out of a federally approved study into cannabis and post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans. Johns Hopkins University was slated to help conduct the multiyear clinical trial, sponsored by the nonprofit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, (MAPS). But last week Sean Keirnan, president of the advocacy group Weed for Warriors, called the university and was surprised to hear, in a recorded message, that Johns Hopkins was no longer involved in the study.

The Great Marijuana Rehab Scam — If there really are 288,000 folks are year who need help quitting marijuana, then maybe there’s reason for concern, right? Wrong answer, Believer Of Bureaucrats. Almost all of these “people seeking treatment” are FORCED to do so by court orders, under threat of jail, after having been busted for possessing small amounts of pot.

How Medical Marijuana Could Help End the Opiod Epidemic  — Last year, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services denied a petition drafted by a medical marijuana caregiver requesting to add opioid addiction to the state’s list of qualifying conditions, citing the “lack of rigorous human studies” and the “lack of any safety or efficacy data.” Advocates admit direct evidence is needed, but they contend that funding is limited since marijuana is federally listed as a Schedule 1 drug, on par with LSD and heroin. In the meantime, they turn to a Centers of Disease Control report to make their point on the safety of marijuana, comparing the 33,000 Americans who died from prescription painkillers and heroin overdoses in 2015 to the number of people who died that year from using cannabis: zero.

Legal/Political Marijuana News

DEA Says Fentanyl Company’s Synthetic Weed is Less Dangerous That the Real Thing —  A troubled pharmaceutical company known for making the powerful painkiller fentanyl just took one step closer to getting into the legal marijuana business — with help from the DEA. InSys Therapeutics, the Arizona-based manufacturer of the fentanyl spray Subsys, has been developing a new product called Syndros, which is a liquid that contains a synthetic version of delta-9-THC, the ingredient in marijuana that makes users feel high.

Marijuana Lifer Jimmy RomansI Still Wake Up and Can’t Believe It’s Real: Marijuana Lifer Jimmy Romans Speaks Out — If you ask almost anybody in the United States whether it’s possible to get a life sentence for murder, they’re going to say yes. Ask those same 340 million if you can get a life sentence for marijuana and I would expect they’d say ‘no’… People just don’t realize this can happen.

Research Suggest Legal Cannabis is Failing to Corrupt Youth — Opponents of cannabis have long warned that legalizing the drug could lead to spikes in underage use, but after several years of permitted adult use in several states, it seems likely such fears were unwarranted. A recent survey on student substance use in Washington state found that teens haven’t been turning to cannabis in greater numbers since the passing of medicinal and recreational marijuana laws there. According to the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey, which polled 37,000 middle and high school students in the state, younguns’ rate of cannabis use has remained virtually flat since 2012, including after the state began opening dispensaries in 2014.

International Marijuana News

Canada Will Legalize Marijuana in 2018 — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government plans to legalize recreational marijuana across the country by Canada Day (July 1) 2018, according to David Cochrane of CBC. Here’s what we know about Canada’s recreational marijuana regulations so far.

Marijuana News State by State

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Attorney General’s Pot Ballot Rewrite…Again — The Oklahoma Supreme Court has rejected a proposed rewrite of a ballot question on medical marijuana that was submitted by the state Attorney General’s office. In a 7-1 ruling on Monday, the state’s highest court rejected the proposed rewrite that supporters of the medical marijuana initiative had argued was intentionally misleading and could confuse people into thinking they were voting to fully legalize marijuana. Under the ruling, the original ballot language drafted by the marijuana supporters will appear on the ballot.


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