The Week in Weed 4-15-17 Marijuana News Round-Up


 The Week in Weed - Marijuana NewsThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up: Canada Is Legalizing Marijuana But Imposing Tough New Laws; New White House Drug Czar Has Quite an Idea of Where to Put Nonviolent Drug Offenders; How Jeff Sessions Wants To Bring Back the War on Drugs; and more.

Legal/Political Marijuana News

Jeff Sessions is Anti-Marijuana

How Jeff Sessions Wants To Bring Back the War on Drugs — “In his effort to resurrect the practices of the drug war, it is still unclear what Sessions will do about the wave of states that have legalized marijuana in recent years. Eight states and the District of Columbia now permit the recreational use of marijuana, and 28 states and the District have legalized the use of medical marijuana.
But his rhetoric against weed seems to get stronger with each speech. In Richmond, he cast doubt on the use of medical marijuana and said it “has been hyped, maybe too much.

New White House Drug Czar Has Quite an Idea of Where to Put Nonviolent Drug Offenders — Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) will be President Trump’s drug czar, according to a report from CBS News. Marino’s congressional voting record is that of a hard-liner on marijuana issues, and he recently said that he’d like to put nonviolent drug offenders in some sort of “hospital-slash-prison.” As drug czar, Marino would oversee the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a branch of the White House that advises the president on drug policy issues. More than anything else, the office sets the tone of an administration’s drug policy. Under President Barack Obama, for instance, the office quite publicly retired the phrase “war on drugs,” preferring rhetoric centered more on public health than criminal justice.

International Marijuana News

New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vowed to legalize marijuana.Canada Is Legalizing Marijuana But Imposing Tough New Laws — Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada, but the harsh language of the new legislation might be a buzzkill for the country’s cannabis advocates. The cannabis bills introduced today will impose “significant penalties” for anyone who breaks Canada’s new marijuana rules.

Marijuana News State by State

Nevada: What’s Dead and Alive in Legislative Bills So Far  — This week will be the death of many legislative bills, but many of the marijuana-related bills so far are making the cut and moving on to the Senate or Assembly floor.

Marijuana Business News

Cannabis Brands Using Coachella to Build Buzz — Fashion brands have a long history of leveraging the party scene around the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (which this year runs April 14-16 and 21-23) into brand-building buzz, but this year, the likes of Jeremy Scott, Levi Strauss & Co., Sephora and Hudson Jeans will find themselves in the company of upscale California cannabis brands trying to reach a coveted consumer base.


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