The Week in Weed 5-9-15 Marijuana News

Stephanie Landa, Amy Povah, and Cheri Sicard advocating for marijuana prisoners in Venice Beach, CA

Stephanie Landa, Amy Povah, and Cheri Sicard advocating for marijuana prisoners in Venice Beach, CA

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up: D.A.R.E. Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Real and Fake Marijuana News; Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Marijuana, You May Not Like What She Has to Say; Seattle Cannabis Cup Cancelled; Cannabis Strain Created to Treat Autism; Puerto Rico Governor Signs Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana; Texas House Panel Approves Full Legalization of Marijuana; Project CBD Files Suit to Strike Down Medical Marijuana Inc’s $100M Lawsuit; The GOP Presidential Contenders on Marijuana Legalization; and more.

Medical/Health Marijuana News

Cannabis Strain Created to Treat Autism — A collaboration between Mieko Perez of the Unconventional Foundation for Autism and Aaron Justis of Buds and Roses collective has lead to the development of Joey’s strain, the first medical cannabis strain bread specifically to help those on the autism spectrum.

Politics/Legal Marijuana News

Puerto Rico Governor Signs Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana —  Puerto Rico’s governor on Sunday signed an executive order to authorize the use of medical marijuana in the U.S. territory in an unexpected move following a lengthy public debate.  Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the island’s health secretary has three months to issue a report detailing how the executive order will be implemented, the impact it will have and what future steps could be taken. The order went into immediate effect.

D.A.R.E. Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Real and Fake Marijuana News — With D.A.R.E. being held up by our government as the most reliable source of information about drugs for young people, a recent posting on the D.A.R.E. website is cause for alarm. The headline screamed “Edible Marijuana Candies Kill 9 in Colorado, 12 at Coachella.” The piece was taken down after reporters started reaching out to them about the article.  The post was taken from a website called TopekasNews, and a 30-second scan of the site raises red flags about its legitimacy. Take for instance a companion piece called, “Obama’s Plan To Start the Ebola Zombie Apocalypse in America Revealed.

Here’s Where the Top GOP Presidential Contenders Stand on Marijuana Legalization — Click for the positions that each of the GOP’s many 2016 presidential hopefuls — from the definitely-running to the definitely-maybes — has taken on marijuana legalization.

Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Marijuana, You May Not Like What She Has to Say — Although Clinton has largely ducked questions about marijuana in the weeks since declaring her bid to become the next president, she did state her opinions in a CNN town hall meeting in June 2014, and she was not enlightened about it.

Republican Claims Marijuana Causes Psychosis and Schizophrenia — In regard to the vote that blocks the VA from allowing vets medical marijuana in legal states, Dan Riffle, director of federal policies for the Marijuana Policy Project said, “House Republicans just can’t help putting themselves on the wrong side of polling, history and compassion for our troops. For a group of legislators who consistently insist on ‘getting government out of doctor-patient relationship,’ tonight’s vote is a case study in hypocrisy.”

Welcome to Legalization: Seattle Cannabis Cup Cancelled — That massive sucking sound is the sound of Washington’s promised cannabis tourism dollars going south to Oregon!  You know the windfall that was promised to Washington state voters if they approved Initiative 502, the anemic, problem-plagued marijuana “legalization” initiative that has become a nationwide laughingstock? Well, I-502 has become, in effect, a bad example of how NOT to do legalization, even as Colorado and Oregon laugh all the way to the bank.

Project CBD Files Suit to Strike Down Medical Marijuana Inc’s $100M Lawsuit — Medical Marijuana Inc. is trying to bury any public criticism of its business practices and quash any debate over the health and safety of its products,” said Project CBD attorney Tyler R. Andrews.

5 Drug War Cops Who Outraged Us This Week: Guards Gone Wild Edition — Click for this week’s dose of drug war cop corruption, brought to you by Alternet!

Cannabis POW of the Month: Corvain Cooper is Serving Life for Pot — While most of the marijuana lifers we know of are senior citizens who have been incarcerated for decades, the practice of handing out life sentences for nonviolent, victimless marijuana “crimes” continues. Corvain Cooper was sentenced to LIFE for a victimless marijuana offense just last year!

Marijuana News State by State

Texas House Panel Approves Full Legalization of Marijuana — A proposal which would make Texas the fifth state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana use was approved in a bipartisan House panel vote – with the bill’s author citing his Christian values as cause for his support.  And although the bill is not expected to survive the full path to becoming a law in this legislative session, Texas anti-drug law advocates are labeling the move as historic.

3200 Marijuana Protestors Storm Fort Worth Courthouse — Over 3,200 protesters marched on the courthouse in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday, took it over, and staged a massive protest which included openly smoking large amounts of marijuana as dozens of officers stood and looked on.

Entertainment Marijuana News

Morgan Free Shoots Straight on Legalizing Marijuana — The Oscar winner sat down to discuss his new film 5 Flights Up, why he left the Big Apple, and how marijuana is the only thing that can help ease his pain.

Catherine Hiller’s New Novel Details a Lifetime of Marijuana Use — Catherine Hiller, a New York native and 68 year old author, recently put out a book called, Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir. In the book, Hiller chronicles her experiences during the half-century she has spent as a daily weed smoker. Hiller is highly educated, holding a doctorate from Brown University. She is a successful writer of both fiction and non-fiction novels, and has worked as a directer and producer on numerous films.


WWII Hero and Marijuana Doc, Phil Leveque Has Passed Away — Our doctor, friend, teacher, and mentor 92-year old Phil Leveque passed away Saturday afternoon, peacefully with his family aside him. His great niece described him as “The Most Awesome, Intelligent, Funny, Open-minded, Game Changing, Great Uncle, Dr. Phil Leveque”, and that about covers it. He did change the game.


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