Newsletter: Gummy Contest Winners; Infused Risottos; Traveling with Cannabis


Hi Everyone,

Before I get to day’s newsletter, I have some contest news to wrap up as well as an amazing offer to those who did not win, cause The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies course has now officially launched!

And the Guess the Gummies contest is now officially over.  Thank you to EVERYONE who ventured a guess as to how many cannabis gummies were in the half-gallon sized Mason jar.

Unfortunately, nobody guessed the EXACT number of gummies in the jar.  But AMAZINGLY three people got within 1 gummy of the actual total!!!

So instead of a Grand Prize, we will award the 10 people who got closest 2nd Place Prize Packages.  That means 10 people will receive FREE enrollment into my:

  • Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks Course
  • My brand new Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies Course
  • and my famous Edibles and Topicals Dosage Calculators

If you are not among the winners who got a private message saying you won, no worries.  Read on as I am going to make you an AWESOME discount offer you can’t refuse on this very same prize package.  But first…

How Many Gummies Were Actually in the Cannabis Gummy Jar?

Big Jar of Home Cannabis Gummies

Drumroll please!

The actual number of individual cannabis gummies in the jar was… 974!

Carol K and Juan B each guessed 973 and Sydney D guessed 975!  WOW!  See the end of this email for all the winning answers.  But first…

Didn’t Win?  No problem, get the Prize Package at a HUGE Discount! (Limited Time Offer!)

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Cannabis Learning -

Is Your Medical Marijuana Card Valid in Other States?

Person questioning whether a medical marijuana card from one state will be honored in another.

Dear Cheri,

I am planning on taking an extended road trip across the US in a few months.  Is my medical marijuana card valid in other states?  In other words, will my medical marijuana card from California get me into medical marijuana dispensaries while I am traveling in other states?

Excellent question my wandering friend and one that is important to look into before traveling.

Get the answer here.

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Infused Risotto

Cannabis Infused Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto
For some reason risottos become one of my favorite go-to dishes in autumn, and then I tend to forget about them the rest of the year.  Here are two of my all time favorite infused risotto recipes.  Enjoy!
Marijuana Recipes - Apple Parmesan Risotto Recipe

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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GUMMY CONTEST WINNERS (and their Guesses)!

Actual # of Gummies in the Jar – 974

Carol K. – 973

Juan B. — 973

Sydney D – 975

Stephanie N – 978

Lisa L — 987

Cyndi T — 954

Arnie C–  958

Della H — 999

Brittany S — 952

Jennifer B –942

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